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Commie's Guide for Multikilling Blocked Runners

Jun 11, 2018
Commie's Guide for Multikilling Blocked Runners

I. Counting Ticks

Every monster in runescape walks at a rate of 1 tile per tick.
So as a starting tip: You can count ticks by just watching the runners move 1 tile at a time. 1 tile moved = 1 tick.

Runners operate on a 10 tick cycle (Pictured above or check out Jad Lost's guide). The easiest visual indication of what tick they are on in this cycle is when they begin to move; There are 10 ticks between when they begin to move towards food and the multitick. Thus, to multikill them you must click 7 ticks after they begin to move, so your character moves on tick 2 of their cycle and allows all runners to move on tick 3 and eat food/die on tick 4 (the multitick).

If you're already trialled/know how to defend, you already do this; that's what those visual cues you use are for!

You can combine these two tidbits together to form another way to multikill: Count out 6 steps from the runner, then click on the 7th step and voila! Multikill!

Another alternative method is timing multikills with Healer Spawns or with the end of movement from a runner that was NOT targeting food. Since these actions happen on Tick 10 of the runner cycle, you can click on the tick after this and have the exact same outcome as if you had timed your multikill any other way.

II. Multikilling missed multikills

Using the method from above, you can time multikills after you fail one, so you do not need to get more logs. Simply count out 6 tiles of movement from whatever runner is furthest, and click on that 7th tick to multikill.

What do you do if the furthest runner is <6 tiles away? Luckily since every monster in runescape moves at a rate of 1 tile per tick, you can switch to using the movement of a Healer to count the ticks for you. Its a little harder (visually) since they slide across the ground, but you have .600 seconds of leeway so it shouldnt be too difficult. Alternatively you could count the extra ticks out in your head, it should be less than 3 or 4; just start counting (6 ticks - steps taken = ticks to count) once the runner stacks up next to you.

Video courtesy of burt, notice runner movement + healer movement.

III. Blocked Runners

How does all of this affect blocked runners? There's the obvious: You can just count out 6 ticks (by watching the floor; click on tick 7) and not need to worry if your runner gets blocked by a healer. That's a little unreasonable though, as some situations you won't expect to get blocked or you may get back to the trap and look at the runners late or something of that sort.

Instead, if you see your healer block the runner you can shift your visual cue over a certain number of tiles (ticks) to adjust for the number of tiles of movement the runner lost. This is situational dependent on where the runner is blocked and in which direction is was trying to move. Here are some visuals to help show how runners are affected by blocks when blocked on different sides + when moving in different directions.

Pink = What the runner is walking towards
Blue = Path
Red = LixoHealer420 blocking the runner's movement

From these pictures, we can notice some trends; these assume the runner is moving south-east towards the target after the block, so they are not true 100% of the time but will be most of the time:
  • A runner moving south-east that is blocked on the south for 1 tick has its position shifted up 1 tile north in comparison to an un-blocked runner.
  • A runner moving south-east that is blocked on the east for 1 tick has its position shifted over 1 tile west in comparison to an un-blocked runner.
  • A runner moving south-east that is blocked diagonally south-east for 1 tick has its position shifted up 2 tiles north in comparison to an un-blocked runner
  • A runner moving south or east that is blocked from the south or east side, respectively, will not move any further.

So, if our runner was heading south east, when it is blocked we can just adjust our multikill visual cue 1 tile (or 2 tiles if it is blocked diagonally) opposite of the direction it was blocked and not have to worry about counting ticks at all. The direction the multikill visual cue is shifted is opposite of the direction that the runner was blocked. This is especially easy for south/west runners where the cannon wall makes it particularly easy to see the tiles.
If a runner is heading south (or east) and is blocked on the south (or east) side, however, the only way you will be able to adjust your multikill visual cue will be if you take note of how many ticks it was blocked for. If you are able to do that, you are simply able to adjust it that many tiles north (or west).

Count ticks by runner/healer movements, 1 tile = 1 tick.
Click on tick 1 to move on tick 2 of the runner cycle to multikill.
If you miss multikill, count tiles it moves and use above tip.
If you're blocked, adjust visual cue appropriately.

Bonus Footage from LHC

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